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Professional Headshot is Your Initial Introduction

A professional headshot is your initial introduction to others looking to employ your services or conduct business with you potentially. A professional profile photo is vital for lawyers, doctors, chief executive, presidents & vice presidents of companies, managers, and supervisors. It is especially critical to a small business owner displaying a professional appearance on any outward facing public websites and social media channels. Real estate agents and real estate brokers need an up to date professional headshot taken with correct and expert lighting to help gain the trust, and business of potential clients. If you are a new or recent college graduate in search of employment, you may observe a better response on many job search websites that allow profile photograph. To a potential employer, it shows you invested time and thought into your outward appearance and perception. Headshots are great for professional networking websites and denote the type of employee you are; one who pays attention to the small but essential details. As a headshot photographer, my goal is to capture a photograph that when looked upon instills trust and confidence; ensuring you look your best and get the most value from our headshot session. Click here to introduce yourself and receive information about our headshot photography pricing.