Artful Reflections Photography

Frequently Asked Questions

I want to help you feel at ease and assure that you made the right decision about booking me as your photographer or if you are still on the fence that's ok too. Hopefully I have answered some common questions you should be asking any photographer you book. Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions I've put together about my photography service, it covers most of the common questions and concerns, possibly more. If you don't see a question you'd like an answer to, please contact me and I'll get back to you with an answer.

Are you available to photograph our engagement session?

Yes, an engagement session does more than provide you with priceless images together before you get married, it’s also our first opportunity to work together and develop a relationship that will allow us to be completely at ease on your big day.

What are your collection prices and rates?

My wedding packages start at $3,499 and include a principal photographer and lighting assistant. Hourly coverage is available at $550 an hour with a 4 hour minimum. For a detailed description of what is included in my collections take a look at the Investment page.

How do we book you or get started with the booking process?

The booking process is handled online, from viewing your proposal, selecting a collection, signing the contract and submitting the retainer fee, all easily done online. If you feel like I’m a good fit for your wedding, let me see if I’m available for your date. A $1000 retainer fee is required at the time of booking to hold your wedding date. The balance is not due until 60 days before your wedding/event.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, if it’s convenient for you, I can absolutely work out a payment schedule that meets your needs.

Which forms of payment do you accept?

I accept cash, check or credit card. Through my booking system you are able to securely pay and sign your contract all online. After you book, you'll have an online client portal for you to view your contract, print your invoices and make any payments owed on your remaining balance.

What's your photography style?

I use a mix of off camera flash and natural light to create my images. If I see a big soft beautiful source of light like a window, I'm going to use it if not I'll bring my own big beautiful source of light. During a wedding or event I like to have my human light stand (a lighting assistant) to help me by quickly placing the light where I need it so we can get the shot and move onto the next photo or location.

What is the work style?

My goal is to ensure I capture the moments you hired me to photograph without being intrusive or overbearing. I provide a tentative schedule and plan accordingly but from experience sticking to a schedule is sometimes not possible. Adapt and overcome is how I handle these challenges. I am also very easy going so if you say you want to be photographed in a "let the wedding unfold" relaxed manner I can do that as well.

How are you different from other photographers?

I'm a student of photography. I've learned and continue to learn from some of the best photographers in the industry. I always stay on top of new trends and proven techniques that result in solid images. From all of the courses and conferences I've attended it always come down to having a plan for the wedding day or event, and a backup plan for when things go wrong. That leads me to photograph with an agenda. My goal is not only to take photographs of you and your family, it’s also to capture the spirit and essence of my your relationships. I want you to be yourself and feel absolutely comfortable; spontaneity is encouraged and freedom to be yourselves when in front of my camera. In the end, I want to capture Artful Reflections of my clients, authentic and fun.

Do you work with a second photographer?

I’ve shot most of the weddings in my career by myself and am confident that I could photograph yours to your satisfaction as well. A second photographer comes in a few of my wedding collections but if you get a collection that doesn’t have a second photographer in it, you can easily add one for $100 per hour. So you have the ability to hire them for just your ceremony or for your entire day.

Is a second photographer available with your service?

Yes, if you feel your wedding is large enough to need a second photographer, one can be added to any collection if you desire. I have a list of trusted, very qualified and highly skilled photographers who I can hire to second shoot with me. All of our packages include a principal photographer as well as a lighting assistant. As a team we use off-camera lighting throughout the entire day, so it’s crucial that our second photographer is also a lighting expert.

Does All Day Coverage really mean you'll be with us all day?

You know it! I come as early as you’d like, and stay until the party is over.

How many images will we get? 

I typically deliver 800-1,000 professionally processed images. I’ve found that to be a good number to more than sufficiently tell the entire story of your wedding day.

Will the images we receive be high resolution? 

Yes, you will receive two sets of images in your collection.

  • One set will be high resolution (ready for print) and archiving.
  • The other set will be what I call "Images Optimized for Social Media & Sharing" - use for sharing and posting on social media.

How long until we get our images?

I personally process each of your images to add my signature style to your collection, it typically takes 3-4 weeks for your photos to be ready for your collection's premiere.

Are all of your photos edited?

Yes, I process and edit all of your images myself. Detail is very important to me and I want your entire collection of images to look as good as the images featured on my website and albums.

How are my images delivered?

Your images are delivered to you via a Private Online Gallery. Within your gallery, you can favorite your images, download your images or share them to social media. You may also receive the images stored on a custom USB thumb drive depending on the collection you've selected. Also a custom USB thumb drive can be added to any collection.

Can we print wherever we’d like?

Absolutely. Your Private Online Gallery has a fully integrated shopping system for ordering prints your images from small prints canvases to big framed portraits all via your gallery using my professional lab partner. I use only the best professional labs in the industry, and if you print using my lab I can guarantee your photographs will look amazing or I'll replace it. However, I do provide print releases upon request, and you’re welcome to print wherever your hearts desire.

Do you carry photographer's liability insurance?

Yes, I do, through The Hartford. Accidents happen at weddings and if one of your guests trips over your photographer’s light stand, it’s good to know you both are protected. Your reception venue may require the photographer to submit a certificate of liability ahead of time. Please let us know if your venue needs our proof of insurance info, I'd be glad to send them the information.

What equipment do you use?

I use Nikon  cameras bodies, Profoto for our mobile studio quality lighting and Nikon Speedlights for off camera lighting during the reception, along with high-end professional lens on the market.

Would our wedding be a good fit for you? Describe your ideal client.

Absolutely, I have yet shoot a wedding that was not a good fit. My ideal clients are the ones who are willing to have their love story, the foundation of their love and relationship documented, to create their first family heirloom, their Wedding Story Book.

Do you photograph any details from my event or wedding?

Yes, although I concentrate on the moments that are happening during your day, I also understand that you’ve put a lot of thought, energy and money into every detail of your wedding day. These details are all part of your wedding story and deserve proper documentation so they are remembered for years to come. At our consultation and during your wedding, I'll ask specifically about any details and sentimental items you’d like for me to spend more time on to properly tell the story of your wedding day.

Our wedding will be quite fancy, so what will you wear?

I typically wear a black or dark gray button dress shirt with black slacks and shoes.

Do you photograph families?

Yes I do but instead of just photographing families, I want to document families. This means photographing your family doing what they enjoy as a family and many time these creative sessions take place at the families home or at a place where they love to be together. I typically ask the families, "At this point in time, what does your family do right now that you never want to forget"? For a detailed description of what is included in my portrait collections take a look at the Investment page.

How much wedding coverage do we need?

Typically 8 hours is sufficient time to document a wedding. If more time is needed it can be added to any collection at a reduced rate of $250 per hour.

Can we build our own collections and do you offer à la carte sales?

Yes and yes, I can customize a collection by adding to an already existing collection. I really believe you find my existing collections cover a good deal of desires when it comes to products. Purchasing artwork à la carte is also available.

Will you create a detailed photography shot list?

Yes, this list will ensure no important photo is missed during the commotion and excitement of the big day. You should be able to create that list together, add to the list leading up to the day and have a copy of that list the day of. Take an honest look at what images really matter and fill me in on situations I need to be aware of in order to prevent awkward moments (divorced parents or relatives not getting along so great). Let me know about elderly, ailing or ill relatives so that accommodations can be made to quickly and comfortably get the photos that matter most. I suggest putting a trusted friend or relative in charge of this list so I don't have to take your time with these details on your big day.

Do you have backup camera equipment?

Yes, I always have 2 backup cameras and plenty of backup lighting gear.

What will happen to the images after our wedding?

Your images will be backed up to a hard drive and the cloud before processing even begins.