Second Shooter in the Philadelphia Area

Need a second shooter for weddings, mitzvahs or events?

Hi, my name is Jeff Cruz and I am available to help wedding photographers in need of a second shooter. From natural light to using off camera flash (OCF) to add just the right amount of light to the subjects I have the knowledge and skill. A touch of light to fill in some shadows is what I'm going for but it really depends on the shot and mood. My style of photography is more the voyeuristic, I want to capture the essence of the moment. My posing style also falls inline with the voyeuristic look by posing subjects like I caught them in a real moment with engaging connection.

I believe that with good communication, planning and control of the day's timeline we will be able handle the event and challenges that arise.

Don't hesitate to contact me, I'm very easygoing, supportive and will ensure that your brand is protected. Please take a look at my portfolio.

Phone: 856-438-0798


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