Party Print - Photo Booth Evolved

What is Party Print?

It's an extremely cool service allowing event guests to shoot and print photos using their mobile device at the event, selfies to candids, they shoot it, they print it. Edit and apply filters to photos as usual then send to print via the "Party Print" app.

"Party Print" - Behind the name

At a Party guests take photos, we're taking it a step further and giving them the capability to Print so they can walk away with a keepsake from the event. How cool is that?

How does it work?

  1. We setup a "Party Print" Wi-Fi network during the event.
  2. Guests download and install the free "Party Print" app on their mobile devices, both iOS and Android version are available.
  3. Guests then will connect their mobile devices to the "Party Print" Wi-Fi network.
  4. Once connected guests launch the app and their devices will be able to send photos to the printer. 

Party, Post, Print allows event guests to easily transfer photos via Wi-Fi to our super faster printer for photo printing

  • It’s the modern version of free film cameras on the table. 
  • Event guests use their mobile devices to capture memorable “candid” shots.
  • Our "Party Print" service saves all of the images that it prints.
  • Event hosts can receive copies of the digital files from all of the events printing. Great for putting an album together in addition to a wedding album.
  • Event guests leave with physical keepsakes from your event. 

Along with being a mobile printing station, we can setup a photo booth for everyone to come and get their group pictures taken for print.  

Book us for your next party and standout in your social circle. I'm certain when you visit one of your many friends, they'll be photos from your party on the fridge.

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