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November 01, 2014

My wife and I frequently meet up with our good friends Jenina and Martin to get the kids together so they can tear up the house while the adults socialize. The occasion this time, a trick or treat session for the kids in our neighborhood of Cherry Hill, it was Halloween.

While discussing various occurrences of the day, Jenina considered having me take Christmas and holiday photos after the baby was born. I suggested us shooting in-home maternity photography session. The timing couldn't have been better because this particular weekend's forecast of rain made it perfect for an indoor shoot. With an in-home maternity portrait session, she could feel very comfortable as the baby was due in about two weeks. I knew Jen was ready with her reasons not to; she feared her first-born would hold it against her in the future because she never had maternity photos from her first pregnancy. I looked at it from another point of view, as I often do, and flipped the reasoning on its head by reminding her of something important she had stated in the past. I said to her "if this is the last one [pregnancy], then this is the only chance you'll ever have to shoot a maternity session and be able to look back and remember." The look on her face told me her answer before she uttered the next few words, "yeah, you're right, let's do it." And certainly, Gianna, her first-born, was going to be involved so she'd have no reason to be upset. Plus she can hold that over little Enzo's head when they get older, as older siblings usually do.

We started near the window in the bedroom while there was still some natural light available from the cloudy day, think giant softbox in the sky, (photography jargon).

For the next pose I had Jenina sit with her back to the window, the green foliage in the background add a little color to the photo, but it is obvious the look and poses make the photo.

She's a natural.

This photo below was not a posed moment, Gianna ran into the room directly to mommy, and we snapped away a few candid moments. I love these shots because they are natural and real, cannot be posed.

Daughter runs into mother's armsDaughter runs into mother's armsDaughter runs into mother's arms, this was not a posed moment I was able snapped away a few candid moments.

For the in-home photography sessions, whether portrait, headshot or maternity, I always bring the portable background that allows me to create a solid white background. First, we had to pose with the baby's name spelled out on the chair.

Gianna awaits her baby brother Enzo.Gianna awaits her baby brother Enzo.Gianna awaits her baby brother Enzo, spelling the baby's name out in big colorful letters.

For the last set of poses I set up the high-key background and had Jenina sit on a stool.  She also changed into a lovely black dress that created excellent contrast when photographed against the white background.

Mommy and baby Enzo.Mommy and baby EnzoMommy and baby Enzo, high-key portrait

Here is a photo of Jenina & Gianna in silhouette as Gianna gently kisses mommy's baby bump.

Maternity Portrait SessionMother & daughter in silhouetteIn home maternity photo session with the radiant Jenina. High-key photo of mother & daughter in silhouette.

We had a fun time during the shoot as we've always had in previous shoots with Gianna. Thanks to my friends Jenina, Gianna, Baby Enzo & Martin for the opportunity to capture these once in a lifetime moments.

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