On-Location Christening Photo Session

July 25, 2014

Presenting Victoria Sophia & Amelia Grace

If I were checking off a list for this portrait session it would look something like this:

Camera - check
Batteries - check
Lights - check
Adorable twins with tons of personality, energy and precious, funny faces - check!

We started the session with the girls fresh off a nap, always a good idea to start off with a fresh set of baby batteries. With plenty of help from mommy and an assistant we posed Victoria and Amelia as best, we could on a cushioned floor carefully propped up using posing pillows. The girls weren't sitting on their own entirely without support. Can you tell? 

At first, Victoria would not crack a smile, but Amelia was quite the opposite she was ready to have a great time, all smiles. No worries though, it only took a few shutter releases to get Victoria comfortable in front of the camera and the flashing lights. Being in front of the camera makes grown-ups tense at times, I can only imagine how the babies feel, it would make me nervous too.

Baby Victoria SofiaVictoria SofiaVictoria Sofia - as you can see Victoria is all business.


Baby Amelia GraceAmelia GraceAmelia Grace - a natural in front of the camera.


Dressed in their beautiful, just delivered from Etsy, Christening gowns, Amelia and Victoria allowed mommy, Maribel, and my wife, Lea to pose them like little porcelain dolls. These two are the opposite to porcelain dolls, you know like the kind that don't stay still for very long. It was okay though; I used a fast shutter on the camera and two powerful lights to capture these little angels.

photographer-portrait-north-jerseyHot and ColdI wonder which one will be the serious one.

The nuns at my Catholic school would more than likely frown upon the use of a crucifix in this manner, but it's so cute we couldn't resist, look at those little toes.

Cute Baby ToesWarning to Nuns: Don't LookBy now, midway through session, Victoria started to let her hair down.

We separated the two girls to see what they would do on their own, almost immediately Victoria turned on the charm and pegged the adorable meter at 10 (the meter goes up to 10 max, get it?). Shhh, don't tell Amelia, she might get offended, her sister wanted solo portraits.

Happy TwinsHappy TwinsAmelia is automatic in front of a camera, shifting the session into cuteness overdrive. Victoria & AmeliaVictoria & AmeliaThe Twins In-Home Portraits
New Jersey photographer Jeffrey Cruz performs an in-home, on-location portrait session with adorable twins.

Like, real divas, the girls gave us the signal that the shoot was over. It was nap time to recoup the energy expended, so I turned to the Christening gowns, shoes, hats and headpiece, all of the items for their big day.

Christening DetailsChristening DetailsI took over the dining room table for the detail shots of the Christening outfits. Victoria & AmeliaVictoria & AmeliaThe Twins In-Home Portraits
New Jersey photographer Jeffrey Cruz performs an in-home, on-location portrait session with adorable twins.



Special thanks to my cousins, Maribel (mommy), Alex (daddy), and the stars of the session Amelia and Victoria.


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