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December 14, 2014

Silver Wedding Anniversary

Jeannette & June 25 Years of Marriage Silver Wedding Anniversary was an event, well, twenty-five years in the making. It may have been a frigid winter night on December 13, 2014, but not inside The Manor Hall of Romano's Catering in Philadelphia. This scene was going to get heated up for outstanding celebration. Therefore it was time to be the wedding anniversary photographer and capture some great moments.

The Venue

The mood of the venue set appropriately to holiday mode with Christmas just a few days away. Romano's Catering decorated the massive room to create a warm and festive ambiance. Christmas decorations adorned the staircase. Along with a big beautifully trimmed tree set in the corner to top off the room. The tables dressed, set with the finest dinnerware and centerpieces. Bartenders prepared the bar for a busy Saturday night of casual imbibing. The DJ's music subtlety played in the background. It set a relaxed tone in the room. All the while the band prepared to pack the floor playing their flavor of salsa and merengue.

Friends and Family

Everyone knows the DeJesus' never disappoint when it comes to throwing a bash. So guests were arriving by the carloads dressed to impress and expecting a special night. They're well-known for epic Halloween parties and summer barbecues. Hence everyone was there for a grand time.

As friends and family walked up the grand staircase to The Manor Hall, they formed small happy mobs at the top of the steps. The excitement and joy of greeting each other with hugs, kisses, and handshakes dominated. Friends and family re-acquainted in solidarity to celebrate the milestone of their gracious hosts, Jeannette and June DeJesus. Most noteworthy, all together for an incredible night honoring and celebrating 25 years of marriage and most all, their incredible love.

In conclusion, I am honored Jeannette & June trusted me to be their wedding anniversary photographer, an absolute pleasure to capture all the special moments during the celebration, thanks, and congratulations!

Click on a photo slideshow to view the photos from the event.

Jeannette & June 25 Years of Marriage

Dancing and Celebrating, Jeannette & June 25 Years of Marriage

Guests of the celebration, Jeannette & June 25 Years of Marriage

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