Family Maternity Portrait

March 03, 2013

Family Maternity Portrait

It was a cold Sunday towards the end of winter, a perfect time for a maternity photo session with Lillian. Being six months pregnant, it was a great time before mommy grew too uncomfortable and her due date approaching in June. Calling this session just a maternity portrait session didn't work for me, so I turned it into a family maternity portrait session.

The reason being is that Lillian and husband Roger were already parents to Quinn. Quinn will soon be the big brother of a new baby girl and is an integral part of Lillian and Roger's journey in their second pregnancy. So it only made sense to include Quinn in the photos to tell the story of the pregnant family. The children are an essential part of mom's journey in bringing new life into the world. Older children and siblings help mommy in their little ways. Whether by getting a slipper for mom or putting a smile on mommy's face during the uncomfortable times. They are there for moral support and a constant reminder of how individual each child is. It would have been crazy in my eyes not to include Quinn. High key maternity portraitHigh key maternity portraitHigh key portrait with pregnant mommy and husband.

Meet the Solis Family

Meet the Solis family,  Quinn, Lillian and Roger. Quinn was a little anxious to get involved at first, but he soon warmed up to the camera. His spontaneous nature provided fun and magnetic moments, great for creating authentic photographs. For a fun family pose, I had Quinn sit on Roger's shoulders and kissing mommy while Roger kissed Lillian's baby bump.

Creative family pose for maternity picturesCreative family pose for maternity picturesHere a cute photo with pregnant mommy, daddy and big brother Quinn.

Here's an adorable moment, while taking photos of Lillian and Roger. Quinn ran into the room and started tickling Lillian. He did it in such a delicate manner, and it just made her crack up with laughter. Quinn helped to create a very genuine moment, and I was delighted to capture it for the family.

Family maternity photo sessionFamily maternity photo sessionA good idea when expecting a child after your first, include the family and make it a family maternity photo session.

Final Shot

Once we exhausted the indoor shot list, we needed a change of scenery for the final shot. I scouted an outdoor location and prepared everything before asking Lillian to endure the cold weather. It would have made her uncomfortable while she was attempting to look relaxed for the photo. I strive for comfortable mommies for the best captures reactions.

The next photo was a cute idea, a picture of Lillian & Roger sharing a seemingly intimate kiss blurred out in the background while they hold out the image of the ultrasound. I like this one, and it's one of my favorites of the shoot since it took us outdoors into a challenging lighting situation. This shot only took about two minutes in the cold and Lillian was perfectly okay with it, I'm sure the baby kept her warm.

Parents share a kissParents share a kissAn ultrasound image with a blurred out intimate kiss in the background.


Wrapping Up Project Family Maternity Portrait Session

After the final pose of project "family maternity portrait session." We wrapped up the shoot walking away very satisfied with the shots from the day. Lillian was excellent during the shoot and up for any posing ideas I requested. Thanks to Lillian, Quinn, and Roger for allowing me to capture a few special moments and congratulations to Lillian and Roger on expecting their second child, a baby girl, in the June-July.

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